An Afternoon with Team Rider, Jay Phillips

Posted by Monique Mai on 11th Sep 2020

An Afternoon with Team Rider, Jay Phillips

So, Jay, when did you start surfing?

5yrs on a single fin at Fingal Head NSW

What inspired you to start surfing, and what inspires you now?

My father, he would take us to the beach, he was never a competitor,  just loved to free surf. I think it was something about the ocean, the challenges  that inspired me to surf, also my kids inspire me and being president at  snapper rocks surf riders club.

What are your favourite local surf spots? 

All of Cooly Town, Duranbah Beach and the Tweed Coast

Where is your favourite place to travel for surf?

Indonesia for the surf, the food and the Indonesian people that are extremely funny, happy and friendly... we love Bali

What's your idea of a perfect wave?

My idea of a perfect wave would be to surf and share Nias with my hero’s 

in the sport of surfing

Who are your favourite surfers?

Rabbit, Thornton Fallander, Tom Curren, Occy, Pottz, Matt Archibald and Margo

What are your favourite boards and shapers?

I like to mix it up, to ride boards that suit the conditions on hand... there’s a great range of single fins, twin fins, thrusters and longboards in store for all 

that want to keep it real fun and who are well known shapers from around 

the world at affordable prices

Who are your sponsors?

Sideways, Hurley, Simmo surfboards, SunBum, Carve Visionaries, Inlayz, Skullcandy, Vestal Watches, Future Fins, Souls Thongs and OBz Lifestyle

What are your best results?

2x ABB Champions, 2x Quiksilver Surf League Champions, 3x Australian SurfTag Champions, 12x Kirra Teams Challenge Champions, 23x Straddie Assault Champions

What do you do when you're not surfing?

Take my kids surfing, surf coaching, long bike rides, golf, skateboarding, ghetto 45 training and hiking with my family

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

Working for Sideways Surf

Who would you like to thank?

My wife and my sponsors for giving me the opportunity to be me... thank you


All photos by Dean James, @layerofsalt