Coming soon.."Jay Phillips isn't Dead"

11th Jun 2021

Coming soon.."Jay Phillips isn't Dead"

Jay Phillips is simply one of the most naturally talented surfers to emerge from the surf-crazed town of Coolangatta. Phillips has inspired generations of surfers with his talent and charisma. 

Now is the time to take that inspiration to the big screen!

Our team rider, Jay Phillips, has been super busy lately, he is thrilled about his new film coming up called 

"Jay Phillips Isn't Dead"

Are you excited about your film?

"Yes, super excited. My film is complete and our premiere is going to be big... with a couple of great acts to play on the night."

The title of his new film is highly powerful and portrays him as a surfer nowadays.  

Can you tell us more about the title of the film?

"The name title is quite powerful (Jay Phillips isn’t Dead) it was just fitting at a time when I was going through my earlier days to compete at a top level"

We are all excited to watch the film and get to know, even more, our team rider Jay Phillips.

Jay, what have you been up to lately, besides working on the new film?

"I had great week away with Justin Gane and all the original pulse surf crew shooting another film and stoked I’ve got a full selection to a kick ass rock song... to get next generation of kids amped to go shred"

If you want to find it more follow @_jayphillips  |  @pulsesurf  |  @layerofsalt