FEATURE PRODUCT – Sideways 'Chosen One' surf skate

Posted by Nique Mai on 10th Nov 2020

FEATURE PRODUCT – Sideways 'Chosen One' surf skate

This weeks feature product is Sideway’s ‘Chosen One’ surf skate. Whether you’re perfecting your carving technique, wanting to practice your top to bottom turns for surfing, or just wanting a fun all-rounder cruiser, this board should be a permanent fixture in your car.

The pivoting front trucks simulate that ‘surf’ feel, ideal for surfing the concrete. The swivel allows the opportunity to practice your rail work, in the comfort of your local carpark.

The ‘Chosen One’ means no wait times for the perfect wave, which in turn speeds up the progression of accelerating your surfing abilities.

The build of the board also allows more carving and less pushing, perfect for a casual roll. The large wheels carry speed, and create a smooth ride.

The best option for any ability skater.

Featuring a high quality finish deck, made of 100% hard rock Canadian Maple.

63mm wheel

85A density

6.26" surf truck

Dimensions: 10" x 33"

Available in store and online for $150 ($20 fixed shipping)