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Life In Iso with Talon Guest

Posted by Monique Mai on 28th Jul 2020

Life In Iso with Talon Guest

With our country slowly lifting its restrictions, and life going back to normal, we reflect with on what life in iso was like for team rider Talon Guest. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Sideways: Hey Talon! How was Iso for you overall?

Talon: I really enjoyed isolation, I was down south in the Ballina region with my girlfriend - surfing, training and just embracing having time off from work.

Sideways: What did you enjoy about isolation?

Talon: Being able to appreciate how good it was before isolation, haha.

Sideways: What do you think you have learned from this experience?

Talon: To be grateful for what I have.

Sideways: What didn’t you like about isolation?

Talon: Not being able to cross the NSW/QLD border really sucked.

Sideways: Did you have the opportunity to surf more?

Talon: Definitely.

Sideways: What would you have done if the restrictions didn’t allow you to surf?

Talon: I would have gone insane!!!

Sideways: What will you do when this is all over?

Talon: Have a big get together with all my mates, and go surfing!!!

You can check out more on Talon Guest on his instagram.