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Choosing the Right Surfboard




Choosing the right Surfboard

A simple guide to picking your next Surfboard 

Choosing the right board is the most important surfing decision you will make – the type if board you choose will impact how easy or difficult it is to surf different types of waves, how many waves you might catch, and the style of surfing. 

Understanding the basics of design, sizing and shape is important in choosing a board that is suited to your skill level, size, and surf conditions. 


To keep it simple, we have broken it down into three simple steps.

1. Find the Right Volume

The ideal volume of your board is generated based on your weight, ability, fitness level, experience and age. For example, older surfers and beginners tend to choose something with a higher volume, as this equates to more paddle power.

An example of a high volume board is a Sideways 'Chosen One', and an example of a low volume board is a Webber ‘Apple'. Often, surfers will reach for more higher volume boards on smaller days, and lower volume boards on larger days.


Our hardware managers are always available to help you find a fit that’s perfect for your abilities.



2. Find the Right Shape

Surfboards are all different combinations of outlines, tail shapes and bottom contours, which all work together to create a unique ride. Understanding how these elements interact is important in choosing a board which will suit the conditions.

For example, pin tail boards such as the Free Flight ‘Jamie’ are better suited in powerful surf. Big mals and longboards tend to be more ideal for smaller, less powerful days.


3. Match Your Ability to Your Board

Consider your surfing abilities. Are you a beginner, or more intermediate, or are you a professional? Identifying your skill level will assist you in choosing the best suited board. 

Board models that are shaped to be high performance, such as the Dahlberg ‘RDS2’ are more suited to experienced surfers, whereas something with more stability, such as our Sideways Mini Mal’s are suited towards beginners.




Now it's time to choose your board

If you have questions or would like some suggestions when choosing your next board, our team is ready to help. 

When searching for your next board, make sure to visit one of our hardware mangers in-store or shoot us a message online to  

We've got a massive team of iconic shapers with a wide range of boards to make sure you get the right fit. Our team is here to make sure you leave with the best board to suit your preferences.


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