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Dahlberg 'RDS2' Shortboard

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The RDS2 performance shortboard is best described as a plumped out version of the RDS1. The RDS1 is Rod’s current go to high performance shortboard design. Lower volume, more overall rocker and slightly deeper concaves to suit more advanced surfers wanting to push their surfing.

The RDS2 brings more foam into this high performance design, opening it up to the intermediate surfer wanting a little more volume in their shortboard.

“The main aim with all my designs is to create shapes that have speed and drive but also release when needed, obviously a hard combination as they kind of contradict each other but when the curves are right combined with the correct fin placement and fins this can be achieved. All my designs are work in progress and are constantly being fine tuned for your surfing enjoyment." Rod Dahlberg

Be sure to check out the video link below and check out this write up from Surfing Life here as well.

GLASSING 4 + 4oz Deck / 4oz Bottom + Carbon patch
PLUGS 3 x FCS2 / Future Fin option
ROCKER Medium Performance
CONCAVE Single - Double
TAIL TYPE Squash / Round
COMPLIMENTARY FINS Fins are additional please contact if required
SKILL LEVEL Beginner to Advanced (more aimed towards adv)


5'8 19 2 1/4 25.3L
5'10 19 1/3 2 3/8 27.9L 
6'0 19 5/8 2 7/16 29.9L
6'2 19 7/8 2 1/2 32L
6'4 20 1/8 2 5/8 34.9L
6'6 20 3/8 2 11/16 37.2L
6'8 20 5/9 2 3/4 39.3L

Custom Review

  • Dahlberg RDS-2

    Posted by Robbie on 26th Jun 2020

    The RDS-2 is a scaled up version of the RDS-1 for the surfer that wants a performance short board with a bit more volume
    It is a high performance short board that has a simple outline which makes the board fast and forgiving for all conditions from 1-6ft comfortably. The slight single to double concave makes the board accelerate quick from the take off and allows speed to be controlled through turning but also pivots off the tail end with ease.
    The board comes in two tail options, a squash tail and the round tail which will give the surfer more drive.
    The board is suited for intermediate to expert surfers and will stand up to all the other leading performance short boards on the market.

  • So good I had to get 3

    Posted by Brett Johnson on 25th Jun 2020

    The RDS2 performance shortboard is designed to be a plumbed-out version of his RDS1 which is Rods current high-performance board for those who are looking at pushing there Surfing to the next level with more rocker and concave.

    The RDS2 brings more foam into this high-performance design. The main aim with this design is to create drive and flow but give you that release when needed.
    It opens it up to that intermediate surfer looking for that high volume in their short board.

    I purchased this board one year ago and now I have three being it my go to for all conditions just swapping around my fins or the size of the surf.

    This board planes through the dead sections of the wave meaning the board does more work than you meaning you don’t have to try to keep generating that speed. I can rely on this board to flow between my turns in rubbish to perfect waves.

    I know I’ll be heading down to sideways Brookvale again soon to purchase a RODROCKET that I’ve also had my eye on from Dahlberg too.

Dahlberg 'RDS2' Shortboard


Dahlberg 'RDS2' Shortboard