Greg Webber


Greg Webber started shaping surfboards at the Rose Bay family home at the age of 10 in 1970. His first attempts were from re-shaping EPS “Coolite“ learner boards. In 1973 he found a surfboard in a garbage bin at Bondi Beach. The nose was snapped off and it had been burnt by some vandals. Nevertheless with the fibreglass stripped off, it represented his first polyurethane shaping experience. Somehow the surfboard went well enough in the waves that other surfers started to order surfboards. His father recognised his skill and bought him his first electric planer at the age of 13.
He made surfboards with Cheyne Horan for a year in 1976 and then formed Webber surfboards with his older brother John. Their mother Diana designed the W logo which is today one of the most recognisable surf logos in the world. In 1979 he was offered a job at Gordon Smith surfboards in Caringbah. At G and S, Terry Bishop was to be the first experienced shaper to guide Greg in his formative years, forcing him to use a 5 1/2” Makita power planer to cut the
skin off the chunky blanks of that era. While at G and S, Greg was lucky enough to have the opportunity to shape Surfboards for Richard Cram, who rode one of Greg’s boards to an Australian junior title.


In late 1980 Greg got a job with Terry fitzgerald at Hot Buttered Surfboards in Brookvale. Terry was very supportive and offered Greg the opportunity to make surfboards for professional Sydney surfer Greg Day, who managed to get in the top 10 of the world on his first his year on tour riding Greg’s boards.

In 1983 Greg moved to Yamba and started Insight Surfboards with Rodney Dahlberg. During that phase, Greg made surfboards for some of the best surfers on the world tour but it was the suggestion of Andrew Downs from Avalon in Sydney, that he should come back to the state capital, which set him on his biggest growth as the head shaper at Insight surfboards which saw it recognised as an international label.

From 1985 till 1996 the Insight brand grew rapidly with Greg shaping Surfboards for both the women’s and men’s world champions in the late 80’s, being Wendy Botha and Barton Lynch.

In 1991 insight discovered the hyper talented Shane Herring and in 1992 at the Coke contest at Narrabeen, Shane ride of Greg’s full concave surfboards to eventually win the event, beating the soon to be world champion Kelly Slater in the final. Although Shane was leading the world title at that moment he recognised and admitted to Greg that Kelly was better than he himself and the only way he was going to beat him was doing a manoeuvre that nobody had done before. Shane said to Greg “Can you make me a board that will allowme to do a carve 360?"
Another specialty of Greg's is wave pools. Check out some great info over at these links here & here listen to a great podcast