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All our Soft Surfboards are handshaped & individually finished to provide a great Rail Profile that will enhance surfing performance. Timber Stringers provide great strength yet retain flexibility. Available in a wide range of sizes and designs to suit the needs of most Surfers.

Rincon Soft Surfboards are all handmade into our modern shape and design. Designed to enable kids and adults to experience the thrill of surfing and walking on water. Soft construction with round noses provides safety in the water. Lightweight EPS core (expanded polystyrene foam) with timber stringers rods that provide lateral strength, durable XPE (cross-linked polyethylene) deck and slick bottom all combine for a sleek, quality softboard.

  • 6' Green, 7' Red, 8' Blue
  • 65 litres
  • Heat-sealed bond for greater durability
  • EPS Core for lightness & strength
  • Super strong XPE deck
  • 3 reinforced extra-width stringers
  • HDPE slick bottom for speed
  • 3 fins

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