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Diverse 'Mr Comfort' 6'8 - 7'4


Age shall not weary us... but one day of a holiday into really good waves reminds us that we need more paddling power than we used to. This board was designed for those of us who have done the years and have the experience but just not the time to...

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Diverse 'Nose Rider' Mal - Green 9'1-9'6


Our Nose Rider is characterised by the soft rounded rails, flatter rocker in the front, with lift along with a scooped out tail, heavier in weight and a big single fin. It does one thing clearly better than any other board in the range... Nose ride...

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Diverse 'Strike Mission' 5'9 - 6'8


Having much wider, thicker and shorter boards these days creates a problem when the surf gets good, I have many customers desiring a board that is possible to feel comfortable with when its on! With more than 20 years of developing shorter, wide nose,...

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Free Flight 'Tribal Elder' 9'4"


The Tribal Elder is modelled of the 60s Australian boards at the peak of the longboard era. It is currently being ridden by some of Australia's best longboarders. It offers the rider the glide and manoeuvrability of the best boards of that golden...

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