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The Beginners guide



The beginners guide to surfing

So, you’re ready to become the next pro-surfer? Great! But first, make sure you read Sideways comprehensive list to beginner surfing.

Get your gear

Do you have everything you need? If you’re a dead-set beginner, we suggest a foam board (like El Nino, or Maddog), a Mini Mal, or the Log to get you started. We advise on these boards because they have a lot of volume to them, so they provide paddle power. 

You’re also going to need a leash, and the size depends on the size of your board. (See our manual on how to install your leash).

Next, you’ll need your fins. Sideways has a variety, but most beginners start with a plastic fin set. (Our manual shows you how to install them).

Don’t forget wax! Wax is dependent on the climate, and is essential to help you grip to your new board. 

Lastly, if the temperature is under 20 degrees; it might be a good idea to get a wetsuit. The warmer you are in the surf, the longer you can stay out and practice! Wetsuits are always on sale at Sideways, so don’t forget to drop in to check out our range.



Think about getting lessons, or ask a mate for help

It’s not a bad idea to invest in some surfing lessons to teach you the basics, or you can ask a friend who is experienced for pointers.

The basics of surfing include catching waves, paddling, duck diving, popping up and standing up.

Learn surf etiquette

Before you get in the ocean, it’s important to understand and notice the correct surf etiquette. These rules are observed to keep surfers safe, and to respect one another. A full breakdown of these rules can be found in our manual.

#1 Choosing the right spot

#2 Don’t drop in: don’t be a snake

#3 Take turns: share the wave

#4 Time your paddle out

#5 Be hardware aware

#6 Your board: your responsibility

#7 Respect the locals


Most of all HAVE FUN!

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