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Free Flight

  • Free Flight 'Beach Ball' Shortboard


    The Beachball is a fun and easy all-rounder, intended to be ridden in small to medium sized waves (1-4ft). The outline shape of this board retains a lot of width through to the nose and tail, which equates to extra stability, and more surface area to get...

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  • Free Flight 'Coaster' Longboard


    The Coaster by the legendary shaper Phil Myers is the perfect all rounder longboard for all conditions, beach breaks and point waves. Great cruiser for nice and stable nose riding, and performance surfing of the tail. Phil is renowned for his amazing and...

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  • Free Flight 'Edge Twin' Grey


    The Twin Vent is designed to be a fun, fast and flowing twin fin, for small to medium sized surf. Low rocker and increased surface area allow this board to catch waves in smaller and weaker conditions. The reduced tail width and flyers enable the board...

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  • Free Flight 'Jamie' 6 Channel Shortboard


    Named after Phil Myers son, the Jamie model is a 6 channel thruster design he has been refining for some time now. The board is a great all round channel bottom, designed to work in most conditions. It's an evolution of Phil's designs, bringing the old...

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  • Free Flight 'Performer 9' Longboard


    Created by well known Australian shaper from Lenox Head - Phil Myers... The 'Performer 9' is also a performance longboard offered in the 9 foot range designed with a more modern rocker and outline than its relative the 'Tribal Elder'. This board features...

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  • Free Flight 'Tradie' Shortboard


    The Tradie is a highly functional, larger sized shortboard, designed to cater for the larger surfer, but can also be ridden as a step-up board for the average sized surfer. The continuous outline shape and rocker allow for a forgiving board, for wave...

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  • Free Flight 'Tribal Elder' Longboard


    The Tribal Elder by the legend shaper himself Phil Myers from Lennox Heads is modelled of the 60s Australian boards at the peak of the longboard era. It is currently being ridden by some of Australia's best longboarders. It offers the rider the glide and...

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