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Welcome to the world of surf clothing & surf hardware at Sideways. We bring you the hottest styles from big surf brands with crazy discounts. Whether you’re on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, or in Sydney, one of our shops is always near you.

Surf Clothing for Women, Men & Kids

Sideways Surf is the ultimate haven for surf and skate enthusiasts, offering a wide range of surfing brands for women, men, and the smallest in the family. For the ladies, a selection of chic and durable surf clothes will keep you both comfortable and stylish whether you’re catching waves or just enjoying the beach vibe. The gents can find the perfect balance of performance and fashion, embracing the essence of surf culture. And for the little grommies eager to dive into the world of surf, Sideways has an array of pint-sized clothing to get them stoked about riding the waves or chilling on the beach.

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Surf Clothing: Surf T-shirts, Shorts & more On Sale

As your one-stop outlet for all things surf and street clothing, Sideways Surf caters to everyone who embraces the beach and coastal culture. Dive into our surf cloth shops which include everything from surf t-shirts to comfortable shorts. The exciting part? You can score up to a whooping 60% off on some of the most iconic surf brands, making it a wave of savings for all. And if you’re looking for more than just t-shirts and shorts, we’ve got you covered with a range of options, including wetsuits, rash vests & thongs which are essential garments to gear you up for the ultimate surf experience.

Shop Surf Clothing Brands & Accessories at Sideways

Sideways Surf is your destination for surf clothing brands and accessories. Whether you’re after the perfect pair of thongs to complete your beach look or you’re eyeing off our epic surfboard range, we’ve got it all. We also offer some pretty convenient payment options as well like Zip and Afterpay. Ride the wave of savings and style at Sideways Surf- shop now!

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What do surfers wear in Australia?

A surfer's unique getup can vary from person to person. However, we have noticed that it’s not uncommon for a surfer to rock a fusion of functionality and style with wetsuits and board shorts designed for catching waves, and casual surf t-shirts, hoodies and thongs for a laid-back, coastal look when they’re not in the water. Anything that’s easy to transition from the water to the street is your best bet.

How to get surf wax out off clothes

Struggling with that stubborn surf wax clinging to your wetsuit? Here's a simple yet effective method to remove it. Gather these essentials: a iron (no steam) and an unmarked paper towel or an old tea towel. To free your wetsuit from the grip of wax, follow these steps: 1. Place the tea towel over the waxy area. 2. Carefully iron over it while keeping the iron in motion to prevent any scorching. 3. Watch as the wax adheres to the towel, and repeat the process for all affected areas. *Please exercise caution: Wetsuits featuring rubber seals or liquid taping are sensitive to heat and may melt, so avoid ironing these sections. Additionally, steer clear of zips and PVC knee pads, as excessive heat can lead to warping and damage. Lastly, remember to handle the iron with care during this process as some chest panels have a fluffy lining that will melt under heat.