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Maddog Hand Surfa

$19.99 $15.00

A high quality rigid finish Hand Surfa Handboard that ensures maximum speed.Features:> The original production model performs beautifully> The high quality rigid finish ensures maximum...

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Maywood Longboard


The Maywood Longboard is a 1940's inspired Pig style hull bottom with some more modern tweaks.   A traditional pig style longboard generally has the widest point well further towards the tail...

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  • FEATURE PRODUCT – Sideways 'Carver' surf skate

    FEATURE PRODUCT – Sideways 'Carver' surf skate

    Posted by Nique Mai on 10th Nov 2020

    This weeks feature product is Sideway’s ‘Carver’ surf skate. Whether you’re perfecting your carving technique, wanting to practice your top to bottom turns for surfing, or just wanting a fun all-rounder cruiser, this board should be a permanent f …
  • New Shaper Alert! - Joistik

    New Shaper Alert! - Joistik

    Posted by Monique Mai on 21st Sep 2020

    Introducing three new boards from legendary shaper Nick Blair. Nick’s big wave designs and shapes have also proven themselves globally under the feet of big wave riders. We are stoked to add the Cab Sav 2, PG and Vector to the Sideways range.You can …
  • An Afternoon with Team Rider, Jay Phillips

    An Afternoon with Team Rider, Jay Phillips

    Posted by Monique Mai on 11th Sep 2020

    So, Jay, when did you start surfing?5yrs on a single fin at Fingal Head NSWWhat inspired you to start surfing, and what inspires you now? My father, he would take us to the beach, he was never a competitor,  just loved to free surf. I think …
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