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 The Shane log is a traditional single fin nose rider. It is most at home in small to medium size point breaks but is versatile enough to be pushed a bit harder if you like. It...

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  • The '60s are back - Shane Surfboards

    The '60s are back - Shane Surfboards

    Posted by Sideways on 8th Jul 2021

    Shane Stedman, Australian Surfing’s Greatest Showman.(and once its biggest surfboard manufacturer)Shane Stedman has been bending the rules and people’s ears for more than half of a century. He was born and bred at Crescent Head and the Shane gan …
  • Coming soon.."Jay Phillips isn't Dead"
    Jay Phillips is simply one of the most naturally talented surfers to emerge from the surf-crazed town of Coolangatta. Phillips has inspired generations of surfers with his talent and charisma. Now is the time to take that inspiration to the big …
  • Introducing - Retro Groove Roam Bags

    Introducing - Retro Groove Roam Bags

    Posted by Sideways on 7th Apr 2021

    Introducing an exciting new product at Sideways; our new Retro Groove 'Roam' surfboard bags.The Roam bag is available in two colours, blue and brown. It is available and multiple sizes for shortboards, mini mals and longboards. They are embossed with …
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