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Webber 'Apple' Shortboard


The Webber 'Apple' is inspired by the extreme rocker banana boards developed by Greg Webber in the early 90’s. The ‘Apple’ is a user friendly, toned down version of these designs...

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Webber 'Sonic' Shortboard


 The Webber 'Sonic' is the latest design incorporating a super smooth single concave, low entry and a clean continuous rocker profile. The progressive surfer will instantly see where this board...

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Flanagan 'FPT' Shortboard


The 'Flyer Performance Twin' is designed for waves from 1 to 4 feet and handles well in a variety of conditions. It has a medium rocker, med/box rail, single to double concave and 4...

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Dahlberg 'RDS2' Shortboard


The RDS2 performance shortboard is best described as a plumped out version of the RDS1. The RDS1 is Rod’s current go to high performance shortboard design. Lower volume, more overall rocker and...

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Retro Groove Multi Board Bag

$249.99 $120.00

This Retro Groove/Double Surfboard Bag/Cover carries 2 boards comfortably and is the perfect cover for your surfing getaway. Retro Groove provides quality protection for all surf travel. If you are...

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Maywood Longboard


The Maywood Longboard is a 1940's inspired Pig style hull bottom with some more modern tweaks.   A traditional pig style longboard generally has the widest point well further towards the tail...

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  • Introducing the 'Standoid' by Deathless and the 'TwinPinn' by Flanagan
    Here at Sideways, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the market with new designs on a regular basis, whilst still stocking your tried and tested favourites. With a fresh batch of boards in from PSI, we are very excited to share with you two …
  • Life In Iso with Talon Guest

    Life In Iso with Talon Guest

    Posted by Monique Mai on 28th Jul 2020

    With our country slowly lifting its restrictions, and life going back to normal, we reflect with on what life in iso was like for team rider Talon Guest. Here’s what he had to say about it:Sideways: Hey Talon! How was Iso for you overall?Talon: I rea …
  • Welcome to the Sideways team: Benny Williams!

    Welcome to the Sideways team: Benny Williams!

    Posted by Monique Mai on 10th Jul 2020

    Our newest addition to the Sideways team riders is Benny Williams - a Gold Coast local with three decades of surfing under his belt. We caught up with him to get to know him a little better.Sideways: How and when did you start surfing?Benny: I was pr …
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