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Webber 'Apple' Shortboard


The Webber 'Apple' is inspired by the extreme rocker banana boards developed by Greg Webber in the early 90’s. The ‘Apple’ is a user friendly, toned down version of these designs...

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Webber 'Sonic' Shortboard


 The Webber 'Sonic' is the latest design incorporating a super smooth single concave, low entry and a clean continuous rocker profile. The progressive surfer will instantly see where this board...

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Sideways Team

Get to know all the salty sea lovers of the Sideways family. From upcoming rippers to world renowned champions, all sharing the same love of the ocean. Read bios, browse photos or watch videos from Jay Phillips, Archer Curtis, California Barrett, Jake Thompson, Tate Robinson, Aeran Thomas, Ben Williams and Talon Guest.

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Deathless Surfboards is the brain child of Tommy Donkin. The Deathless range has a focus on alternative designs with high performance in mind. Doom sticks for the damned.

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Phil Myers


Lennox Head's Phil Myers has been shaping for more than forty years. Phil is famous for his creativity with channel bottoms and variations of the form. He's well known for the dramatic multi channel versions, six, eight, and ten channel boards.

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On Fire Skye Bourton


Skye Bourton boards combine comfort and ease with speed and performance.From high performance surfboards to fun surfboards for beach and break point waves.

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