Richie Lovett


Everyday Surfboards For Everyday Surfers.

Based on knowledge gained from decades of surfing, I design and shape each board meticulously and with a vision of how it will feel and ride. 

All the models you see on this website have been part of my surfing journey. And while I hold endless appreciation for the high performance shortboard, my focus these days is to make surfing a little easier, less frustrating and more fun, which often means more VOLUME!

Richie Lovett



Richie Lovett is a former pro surfer turned surfboard designer and shaper. The Australian native caught his first wave at Manly Beach as a nine-year-old, and carved his way through a successful surfing career that culminated with 10 consecutive years on the elite World Championship Tour.

In 2005 Richie discovered a completely new relationship with his equipment following a cancer diagnosis that would end his pro career. After being forced to undergo radical hip surgery, Richie had to teach himself to surf all over again at the ripe age of 33.

“I went back to riding a longboard, then everything from midlengths and hybrids, stand up paddleboards, to eventually high performance shortboards again. In doing so, I became really familiar with all types of surfboard genre.”


In 2006, Richie learnt how to design surfboards using the AKU software, and shortly after he started finishing his own designs in the shaping bay.  

Over the years Richie has created some of the most fun and functional shapes for brands like Aloha, 7S, Modern, Softech and Adventure Paddleboarding.

In 2020 he made the decision to start his own brand… Volume Shapes.