Shane Stedman


Australian surfing’s greatest showman (and once its biggest surfboard manufacturer)

Shane Stedman has been bending the rules and people’s ears for more than half of a century. He was born and bred at Crescent Head and the Shane gang has broad appeal to a baby boomer market that goes beyond surfing. 

When Shane Stedman started making surfboards in his mum’s garage it was the early ’60s and his simple plan reflected the times.

At the end of 1962 Shane completed his production engineering course.

After completing six years at TEI he decided to leave his company and decided to make surfboards and sing in a rock and roll band.

In 1967 the Brookvale operation had some influential guys producing quality surfboards with Bob Kennerson sanding and guys like Peter Cornish and Ted Spencer shaping. A little-known fact is that Shane was the inventor of the Ugg Boot and sold the rights off very early in their inception.


During 1969 the Standard Shane 5’5” pop out surfboard was produced, and production of this model alone was 200 per week. This model shape is still current today and many surfers are riding this plan shape that Shane introduced back in the late 60’s.


Shane’s favourite surfboard design was the Ted Spencer model “White Kite” because it evolved through so many rapid changes. 

More than 50 years later he is still making surfboards. His early boards were made in an old tin shed he had been renting from two lovely ladies. Shane’s Pop helped him get started


By 1969 Shane was a retailer, wholesaler and sponsor to a couple of surfing superstars and he took off when he started to place some advertising in Surfing World, the leading Australian magazine owned and run by Bob Evans.


In 1967 Shane moved to Brookvale and within a few months he was making fifty boards a week. Paul Schott, who worked for a company called Fibreglass International, helped the young industry at that time and Shane in particular. He was always available to him to develop new products and happy to work on new projects.