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New FK Gold … lasts for hours … gives perfect wax beads …... and offers the ultimate surfer to surfboard bond. Two years of research, product development and team rider testing. It's finally here.

Depending on variant use;

  • Warm / Hard (85 Grams) A harder wax offering perfect wax beads. Best used 20 - 24C / 66 - 75F
  • Cool / Soft (85 Grams) A softer stickier wax that’s easily applied in cooler temps. Best used 15 - 19C / 58 - 67F
  • Tropical / X Hard / Base Coat (85 Grams) A harder wax offering perfect beads. Best used as a base coat and ideal for use in 25C / 75F and above

Important:  Wax is a very personal choice. Temperatures are only a guide. If you prefer a harder wax, you may like the tropical in temperatures below the recommended.  Likewise, if you prefer a softer/sticker wax you may prefer the Blue Softer variant in warmer waters.


FK Gold is the result of

  • Thousands of hours performance testing in the water against our competitors
  • Thirty plus years making great waxes.
  • An obsession to make the best waxes on the planet.

For best results

  1. Scrape all the wax off your board and start with a fresh coat.
  2. Tropical X hard/ Base (yellow) down first.
  3. Warm/Hard (Red) on top or Cool if you are in cooler waters or prefer a softer wax

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