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The Sideways Bullet Mini Mal combines traditional design elements with a more progressive and refined shape for an overall superior surfboard.

While the board is suitable for beginners it has been designed to meet the demands of more experienced and advanced surfers. This feature packed model includes a thruster set up which allows for the board to be surfed similarly to a shortboard to keep all levels of surfers happy.

The board performs incredibly well in a diverse range of surf. This Bullet paddles extremely well with the extra volume under the chest area which will see you out in the water for longer and catching virtually any wave.

The Sideways PU Bullet Mini Mal comes with a classic resin tint, double glassed deck and forgiving concave to increase performance through the tail section. The rounded pin has loosened the board up, creating more lift through turns which will progress your surfing to the next level.

If you are wanting a versatile wave catching machine, then look no further than the Sideways Mini Mal.

Specs Description
Construction Pu Foam
Glassing 6 + 4oz Deck / 6oz Bottom with 4oz tail patch Resin Tint
Plugs FCS compatible
Rocker Low
Rail Type Boxy
Concave Single
Tail Type Round
Fin Config Thruster
Complimentary fins Yes fins will be included with this board
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced


Length Width (inch) Tickness (Inch) Volume (Ltr)
7'0 21 2 11/16 45L
7'2 21 1/4 2 13/16 48.41L 
7'4 21 1/4 2 3/4 50.04L
7'6 21 5/8 2 13/16 52.95L

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