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For extreme speed and loose surfing in small to midsize waves to express your inner freak. These boards are so fast you'll be trying to slow yourself down.They have a flat rocker and deck with bevelled rails for maximum floatation this board gives you maximum enjoyment out of mediocre conditions.

These boards are so fast you will be trying to slow yourself down. We usually take board breakdowns with a grain of salt but there's no word of lie there. So if you like going fast, this is worth looking into. The Inflatable Mattress can be ridden well short too, because of the flat deck and bevelled rails which allow for maximum flotation. This is a board designed to give you maximum enjoyment in mediocre conditions.

Glassed with Bi-Axial (biax) cloth fibreglass cloth which provides high strength-to-weight ratio. It has more fibres and is stronger, however requires less resin making it nice and light.

Great for beginner to advanced surfers. 

Specs Description
Construction Epoxy

<6'0 = 4oz biax + 5oz Deck/ Bottom 5oz

>6'1 = 4oz biax + 6oz Deck/ Bottom 60z

Plugs 5 x Futures/FCSII
Rocker Low
Rail Type Bevelled Mid
Concave Flat bottom
Tail Type Wide Round Square
Fin Configuration 5 Fin option
Complimentary Fins Fins are additional please contact if required
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced 


Length Width (Inch) Tickn (Inch) Vol (Ltr)
5'4 19 7/8 2 5/16 28.17L
5'6 20 2 3/8 30.17L 
5'8 20 1/2 2 7/16 32.26L
5'10 20 1/2 2 1/2 34.44L
6'0 21 
2 5/8
6'2 21 1/4 2 3/4 41.34L

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