The 60's are back with Shane Stedman

The 60's are back with Shane Stedman
Shane Stedman, Australian Surfing’s Greatest Showman.
(and once its biggest surfboard manufacturer)

Shane Stedman has been bending the rules and people’s ears for more than half of a century. He was born and bred at Crescent Head and the Shane gang has broad appeal to a baby boomer market that goes beyond surfing. During 1969 the Standard Shane 5’5” pop out surfboard was produced, and production of this model alone was 200 per week. 

This model shape is still current today and many surfers are riding this plan shape that Shane introduced back in the late 60’s.

The Shane Quad Fish    

With its generous volume and low rocker it will see you paddling into waves with ease. It features a single to double concave with a pronounced hip 6 inches from the tail to increase maneuverability.

Being a quad fin you will find it very fast down the line and right at home on a long point break or beachie. If you're after a classic retro fish then look no further.

The Shane Cruiser

The Shane Cruiser just may be the swiss army knife of surfboards! Imagine a single board for both 1 foot dribblers to 6ft point breaks and everything in between! It features a pulled in nose and tail combined with a little extra rocker when compared to most mid lengths. It has 60/40 rails and a subtle single to double concave to tie everything in together. If you're after a trusty go to board that won't let you down then this could be the board for you!

 The Shane LOG 9'1"

The Shane log is a traditional single fin nose rider. It is most at home in small to medium size point breaks but is versatile enough to be pushed a bit harder if you like It features a wide parallel outline for stability whilst walking the board combined with a deep single concave in the nose adding lift for nose riding. Bringing it all together we have 50/50 rails and wet rub finish. If you're into nose riding and want a board with old school pedigree then the Shane log is a must see.

More than 50 years later he is still making surfboards. On this day he still loves getting foam dust on him. His boards are still being produced in large numbers and his designs just don’t seem to date.