Why you should get yourself a Softboard

Why you should get yourself a Softboard

With models, shapes, and sizes to suit everyone, there are so many more reasons to get yourself a softboard these days no matter what level of surfer you are.

Let’s start with the most obvious - learning to surf.
Having an 8ft + softboard for your first few months is the easiest, fastest and safest way to progress your surfing. And take it from us, the rest of the line-up would much prefer a learner zooming towards them to be on a softboard.

The right softboard is a learner's best friend. It will help you catch absolutely anything from whitewash to green waves, is extra buoyant making it easy to paddle and gives you that stability to help your pop ups.

Check out these boards from our range that are perfect for the newbies;


They are FUN
Whether you have been surfing your entire life or just starting out, you cannot tell us that softboards are not a heap of fun - finless surfing anyone? Get trashed in the shorie, grab a performance softboard for when it’s pumping or save it for those tiny 1ft days when you just need to get in the water, there is a softboard for any kind of conditions.

And as a little extra bonus, you can surf them between the flags without getting blasted on the lifeguard’s megaphone.

Our recommendations;

Take the fins off and have a spin on the SIDEWAYS 'TOP FLIGHT' SOFTBOARD 7'6.

3-5ft bombs? Our SIDEWAYS 'BEACH ROCKET' SOFTBOARD 6'6 can be surfed like a shortboard in any conditions.

1ft peelers? MAKA SURF SOFT SURFBOARD 9'0 will catch ripples.

The Cost
Get your bang for buck with our cheapest softboard setting you back only $180. What a bargain.

You also do not have to worry about dings or cracks anymore. Any repairs you might need on your softboard are much cheaper compared to standard surfboards - and most of the time you can grab a repair kit and do it yourself.

PSA - Our BEACH ROCKET models do not need wax so you can pocket that extra few dollars for post surf coffees.

They are safe.
If you take a knock (or god forbid run into someone else), trust us they are not going to hurt nearly as much as a hardboard.

Great for kiddos, people returning from injury or surfing crowded line ups, they just take that little bit of risk away. Charge more & fear less with a softboard.

So, have we convinced you? Come in store and chat to our team or check out our entire range ONLINE HERE and add a softboard to the collection.